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 We are a hangout podcast that talks about the growing stupidity in the world.

It seems everything in the world is getting smarter except people.

Warning: This show is not for the easily offended.

Dec 21, 2018

Jimmy talks about his dating history and how to pick up women. Men who tell women to get to the gym and tighten up. John does the Who’s Right Podcast a favor and they bust his balls. John isn’t happy that he is being excluded from People of Color Podcast Conferences. Police accidentally abuse one of their own. Women having sex with Ghosts. A woman is slut-shamed for having sex with 20 ghosts. The great egg debate.

Story Links

St. Louis police officers indicted in the assault of an undercover officer

AN IRISH woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate claims the couple have split up.

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